The Prediction Commodity Trading Exchange

PrexTrade is a trading exchange where account holders establish and maintain positions similar to commodity contracts on predictions on the outcomes of future events.

Future events can be in the fields of politics, entertainment, current events, transportation, legal, weather, pop culture, or many other areas.

PrexTrade is the technology behind prediction markets that allow account holders to take positions, or create and trade contracts, on whether future events will or will not occur.

PrexTrade facilitates trades between account holders but does not participate in trading itself. PrexTrade facilitates the judgements on closed predictions.

Financial events can become trading platforms provided the events are not direct financial instruments, are not traded on worldwide financial exchanges, and are not direct derivatives of a financial instruments. For example, a prediction related to the price of a specific equity or commodity, any equity or commodity index, or the option price of any equity or commodity is prohibited.